SCAE Coffee Diploma is an educational system designed to meet the needs of all professionals involved with coffee. It is a controlled and certified system whose program of study is written and continuously updated from the best minds in the coffee industry.

It allows the professional to attend courses at locations and times of their convenience, collecting points every time they pass a certification successfully.

Those certifications are based on both technical knowledge and practical exam.

Modules Coffee Diploma

The journey of coffee from seed to cup divided into the following classes,

which in turn divided into level 1 & 2:

Introduction to Coffee (Level 1 only).

Green Coffee


Sensory Skills


Barista Skills


Barista Skills

Certification Barista Skills aimed at those who have as their main priority setting of the mill, to make correct and perfect espresso cream for the cappuccino. This section allows you to gain a deeper understanding of the coffee itself and build practical skills with milk, latte art and of course to mention the health issues, safety, customer service and the basics of the business.

The Certification, Barista Skills has 3 different levels:

A) Foundation: Aimed at young people or those who want to enter the coffee industry and focuses on the basic skills required for adjusting a mill to make espresso and cream cappuccino. No previous experience for monitoring is required.

B)Intermediate:  :  It offers a deeper understanding of the same coffee and builds on the practical skills acquired in the Foundation. Techniques for milk, including latte art, workplace safety, hygiene, customer service, and basic functions of the business. This certification is ideal for those who have previous experience as baristas.

C) Professional: Aimed at professional baristas with significant experience and have successfully completed the Intermediate. Includes a more scientific and managerial perspective on coffee and how to make drinks based on coffee.


 Introduction to Coffee

Introduction to Coffee is the ideal choice for anyone who is new to the industry or simply has a passion for coffee. The trip starts from the birthplace in Ethiopia and ends up today as a major product and enjoyed by millions of people worldwide. Of the farms that collect coffee cherries, processing, roasting, distilling and finally the pleasure of a perfect espresso. The seminar is a half-day and includes tasting that lets you experiment with different flavors and experiences.


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