Classic Chocolate Beverage, made with chocolate flakes, apart from the full authentic flavor. Tonic, for those who stay faithful to the unique flavor and genuine natural flavor of their favorite drink.

Chocolate Beverage With Strawberry Taste

The combination of quality Chocolate and Strawberry wakes unique sensations. A mug with hot chocolate beverage and strawberry pieces is sure to take you in a tasteful travel…

Chocolate Beverage With Praline Taste

Chocolate with Hazelnut pieces! A beverage that gives you a touch of elegance, while at every sip, along with the aroma of genuine chocolate feel the mellow, distinctive flavor of hazelnut.



Chocolate Beverage With Caramel Taste

Caramel and Chocolate together! A combination so beautifully unique! With caramel pieces the chocolate flavor, richer than ever, will carry you. A perfect beverage for any moment of the day.



Chocolate Beverage Orange Glavor 

Chocolate from another dimension. Chocolate combined with Orange flavor. A cup of Orange Chocolate gives you energy and full taste.

No Sugar Chocolate Beverage 

 Now we can enjoy the full taste of Chocolate Beverage without guilts. Delmocca Chocolate No Sugar produced for those who concern about their silouet but still wants to taste pure chocolate.


White Chocolate Beverage 

White Chocolate Beverage with fantastic taste for those how seek alternative Choco tastes.

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