Water and its contribution in HoReCa 

In espresso 98% is water and the remaining 2% of the substances is coffee, so we understand to what extent water affects the quality of the beverage. So far it has been given considerable emphasis in coffee as a starting material, the machine of the espresso, the mill and of course, the “hand” of the barista for preparing an espresso beverage. Ultimately, however these cover only 2% of the final outcome.

For all those reasons we at Delmocca we pay special attention to the quality of water. Specialized technician makes all the necessary measurements and proposes the ideal solution for your store. This result in a higher quality cup of espresso that highlights coffee characteristics.

Water and coffee quality

Water is a living organism. As a result, problems can arise from a negative water quality characteristics (eg odors, chlorine, salts, pesticides, heavy metals, etc.) are varied and affect the health, quality of coffee & the operation of espresso machines. Where there’s water heating observed salt accumulation and creating stone, dramatically increasing the cost of maintenance if there is no softening system (or any other method of water treatment is deemed necessary).

In cases of small holes and perforations, shown further accumulation of salts, causing a malfunction of the machine. Anyway the choice of a suitable water treatment system for all types of espresso machines made after analysis of qualitative characteristics of water and a feasibility study from our specialized personnel.


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