Third Wave

 1930 till 1960

With the invention of air-tight packaging, production and consumption of coffee world surged. At that time the low price was the primary goal along with the low cost of production rather than the quality of the coffee. Due to the wide availability of this product, coffee was given to homes and offices.

1960 till 1990

At that time many roasters did not tolerate another mass production and the lack of quality. They took action on their own with the sole objective, quality of the final result. The “Specialty Coffee” gradually began to gain recognition for coffee lovers and so began to spread in the world this logic.

1990 till now 

Coffee is no longer a mass-produced product. The more refined flavor coffee owns the more is considered a superior. In our coffee’s we pay great attention to the country of origin, the method of harvesting and processing, roasting and packaging. Plus it has evolved in such a degree that it covers the needs of a mature consumer …


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